Togo Burger

An innovative new design for to go packaging by Rhode Island School of Design industrial design studentĀ Seulbi Kim! Found on Laughing Squid.


Cloned video Gifs by Erdal Inci

Beautiful repeating gifs created by cloning video, by Erdal Inci. More found on Colossal!


The Great Gatsby

The logo for the Great Gatsby, as well as the typeface created for the film – based on Atlas / Atlas Solid – are insanely gorgeous. Found on Fonts In Use.

Three Ways to Melt a Chocolate Easter Bunny

This video is so surreal. Found originally on Design Boom.

365 Ampersands

A tumblr with a multitude of different Ampersands! Very useful. Found on Design Boom.

Carpet Pattern Towers

Extrusions from elaborate persian carpet patterns! Beautiful and simple and strange. Found on Design Boom.