Word Lists and Inspirational Images

Of the four songs, there was one that did very little for me — so I went for the three that ‘spoke to me’ more.

I intend to make all my own artwork, so linked images are meant as inspiration instead of to be used as are, other than perhaps some textures and fonts.


Light, Haunting, Ethereal, Bright, Ringing, Birdlike, Dizzying, Darkening, Descending into Chaos, Black Hole


Call and Answer, Echoing, Electronic, Blowing, Choral, Weaving, Rhythmic, Rumbly, Rainlike, I don’t mean to seem like I care about material things.


Garage band, Rough, Atonal, Indifferent, Harmonic, Frenetic, Dissonant, Masculine, Atonal, Let’s get out of here.


01 – St. Vincent

Concept one: Scribbly black hole with “St. Vincent” in the middle “DESCENT”

Concept two: Cut out bird, pale colors on pale colors, letters hand drawn “YESTERDAY’S SONG”

Concept three: Birds on a line against a pinkish fading sky “PASSING”

Concept four: Pale flower on very dark water “DESCENT”


03 – Animal Collective

Concept one: an empty room with the type very small in one corner “CALL AND ANSWER”

Concept two: blowing sand with very pale overlay text “INTRODUCTIONS”

Concept three: Brainscans, crooked type, bright colors “FABRICATE”

Concept four: soundwaves, text coming out of it. “ZIGZAG”


04 – Les Savy Fav

Concept one: Drum with grafitti symbol on it “FRENZY”

Concept two: grafitti in a garage “CAVEMAN”

Concept three: big indifferent smiley “RAUCOUS”

Concept four: type in bright colors with collage images showing through “DELIRIOUS”


3 responses to “Word Lists and Inspirational Images

  1. Marii

    It is so interesting that I don’t get the English words very well but still choosing similar images of you!
    And I like that you are approaching to various materials like texture or typefaces.

  2. emily wardwell

    Definitely expand on your word // phrase lists as it will act as the album // tour title. I also appreciate the textures you tend to pull. For St. Vincent, (funny thing happens when you click on pale flower link) the color inspiration feels right on. If you are going to use a scribble type, do it by hand and do not make it vector. It loses to much of the human element. You can create a bitmap (see lecture in blackboard if needed). I am drawn to the scribble black hole. For Animal Collective, perhaps it is something collaged over the texture. I really like the soundwaves though I would hate it to be too cliche for an album… Lastly, Les Savy Fav is very colorful which is missing somewhat in the mix. They definitely have a sense of humor so in a way the shifty studio setting with the graffiti on the drum seems kind of right. Your peers are going to act as client on Tuesday and choose the one you will move forward with for the rest of the campaign so make them all good. You can certainly refine the album cover further through the remainder of the project. Nice work!!

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