Album Ideas

St. Vincent

Honestly, I like all three of the concepts I came up with for St. Vincent, but I went with the scribble-black-hole one over the rest because I think it is the most interesting jumping-off point for a campaign.

Animal Collective

I tried to branch out with my Animal Collective concepts and do something less comfortable for me — and I’m not sure I succeeded. At all. But I wanted it to look messy and dirty, and I do think I managed that, at least. I went with the first one because it had a sound-wave, broken-music feel that was interesting to me.

Les Savy Fav

After the note that Les Savy Fav has a sense of humor to them that I didn’t quite capture with my imagery, I tried to branch out in that direction — while keeping some of the ‘garage band’ feel that was my immediate gut reaction. The first two are a riff on the same campaign concept; the combination of ‘raucus’ with a rather indifferent looking smiley is something that appeals to me. The last is another direction.


3 responses to “Album Ideas

  1. Emily W

    I think you did a great job on St. Vincent. Any one of them could work but I feel the first one capture the complexity of the song so nice choice. Animal Collective, hands down, the first one. The other two seem to lack the character and finished quality of the first. For Les Savy Fav, I feel like you created three strong concepts. Really nice. I am concerned about the posterizing of the drums however. The first and the second act as a series so if this is the one to move forward with and you fix the bkgd art a on the first, you could use the second elsewhere…thanks!!!

    • MacKay Wilford

      I agree about the posterization; if I were to go ahead with that concept, I’d want to create my own drum set using references instead of just using a picture, so I would definitely clean that up! Maybe a vector with a rough texture applied over it, but I don’t know. I think that the St. Vincent ‘Descent’ concept will end up being the one people suggest that I go forward with, as it is the strongest.

      Thank you for the critique!

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