A delightful little Venn diagram.


3 responses to “Pancakes!

  1. emily wardwell

    condensed sans serif + caps + the illusion of transparency = yum!

    • MacKay Wilford

      I’m actually considering doing a little bake shop for my boutique project; this is great inspiration for what I could do as their branding!

      • emily wardwell

        Bake shops are great. Lots of physical materials that you could add in to make the brand feel 360 degrees. I had a student do a coffee/pastry place a few semesters ago and she was able to prop her labels into the stands at the actual boutique and photograph them in the environment. It was very realistic and convincing as more than just a school project.

        I also like the subtle texture in the circles. Remember that the illusion of transparency works best with complex colors. Have a nice break.

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