MAC Photographer

“You are designing a booklet for Mac Cosmetics. You will need to hire a photographer to shoot both tight beauty shots of makeup on a model and to shoot the beauty products in an interesting and creatively appropriate fashion. Who do you choose?”

After some browsing of editorial, advertising, and beauty photographers, my eye settled decisively on Craig McDeen. To me, MAC’s cosmetic line is one full of bright colors and strong pigments, frequently paired with a stark black and white. I really liked Craig McDeen’s use of bright colors in his work, the bold shapes he uses, and the way he makes bright models stand out of dull backgrounds. See below:



One response to “MAC Photographer

  1. emily wardwell

    Yes. Craig can cover beauty well. I think he might even come up with some surprising still life shots of the product. I would certainly feel comfortable having him shoot a beauty campaign. This is the case where the booklet is 80% lifestyle and 15-20% product. You could still have someone shoot more sterile product shots to be used as an index catalog-style and have his work drive the rest of the book. All hypothetical of course. Nice choice.

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