365 Ampersands

A tumblr with a multitude of different Ampersands! Very useful. Found on Design Boom.


Van de Graff’s Canon

Animated gif; if this doesn’t animate, click it! It tells how to make beautiful book layouts no matter the page size. Read more here.

Beautiful Widgets Skinning

Just a little reminder link to myself so that I can make up some Beautiful Widget skins in September, perhaps! I’d like to beautify my phone.

On Tour with Professor Green

I love the typography here, but what I love even more is the accompanying article that shows a walkthrough of how it was created!

Ten Dollar Fonts

Ten dollar fonts offers gorgeous fonts for…ten dollars. Great for those with a low budget!

FontSquirrel – Dingbat fonts

This is a great source for dingbat fonts! embellishments and the like. Definitely worth saving.