The Great Gatsby

The logo for the Great Gatsby, as well as the typeface created for the film – based on Atlas / Atlas Solid – are insanely gorgeous. Found on Fonts In Use.


365 Ampersands

A tumblr with a multitude of different Ampersands! Very useful. Found on Design Boom.

College Humor’s 8 New Punctuation Marks

This article on College Humor contains the above as well as 7 other ‘necessary’ new punctuation marks. Andor is my favorite, but the rest are great too!

Durham? Maybe?

This might be one of the worst logos I have ever seen; I’m still not sure what it says. Durham? maybe? Look at that M, though, it kills me.

Van de Graff’s Canon

Animated gif; if this doesn’t animate, click it! It tells how to make beautiful book layouts no matter the page size. Read more here.


A new logo for the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute. I love this! Found on Brand New.

Superhero Typefaces

Superheros created in typefaces that match their personalities! Thor’s my fav, but there are others worth a look. Found here.